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Posted on: August 12, 2011 7:01 pm
Edited on: August 12, 2011 7:05 pm

For Woods, Its a have too, not a want too !

It is a sordid state of affairs for the once most dominant player in the world but Tiger must pull himself together and show the world what a winner is and that doesn't necessarily mean winning another majors but just competing at a world class level would be enough in my opinion for Tiger to be graced by his peers once again.

It was and still is to a certain degree a prejudice world we live in and with the state of affairs we're in I have to believe that it's even more so than the latter. People don't forget but they do forgive and there is nothing like a champion to earn that forgiveness.

Yes I agree that Tiger seems to have lost his bearings on and off the course but I for one embrace him for the courage it takes just to swing at a ball on a PGA course, nationally televised at that ! He'll come around and then all of the nay sayers will pat him on the proverbial butt and say " See,I told ya so ! " And the world becomes his oyster once more as the media conspires behind his back waiting for him to slip so they can finish their half written eulogy for Tiger Woods so the nay sayers once again can say, " See, I told ya so " !
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