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My thoughts on Jeff Perlman's book on Payton !

Payton was as great for the game as he was for the media ! Life goes on and we all must begin to accept the reality that bares that cross. No man is an island and to think that would only be setting yourself up for a huge disappointment ! To those of us that have a great appreciation for the sport of football, Walter "Sweetness" Payton will always be one of the greatest athletes the game ever saw . For those of you that must have misery as your mentor, you will buy the book, preach your sermon, and the rest of us will ignore you as we have always done in the past as well as the future ! 

Everyone is entitled to make a dollar. It just seems as though when times get tough and that dollar gets to be more ellusive, the bottom feeders come out of the sewers and spew their vile ideas of journalism not for the sole purpose of good reporting but for the almighty dollar that has corrupted not just mere average men but in our eyes Giants ! A person of faith and constitution has no problem deciphering one from the other !  

If you really want to see just what kind of person Perlman is , then go to his personnal blog and begin to read. It won't take you very long to realize what kind of person you are dealing with and how much credibility he posesses or more accurately I should say how little credibility he has built over the many years of his profession !
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Dallas' Rivalry is Skins Deep !!!

 The rivalry between the Redskins and Cowboys has spanned 50 years and the hatred between the two NFC East foes still resonates with the teams'current rosters.
NFC East foes face off Monday on national TV
Growing up in Carrollton, Texas, Anthony Armstrong became well-versed in the magnitude of the rivalry between the Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys.

Although he had an entire bedroom devoted to the support of his beloved Cowboys, he didn't spend an inordinate amount time focusing his disdain on the team that he'd eventually play for. With the Redskins, of course, he's learned that in Washington, there is no opponent more important.

"It seemed like in my time, it was more about the teams that you were playing to go to the playoffs," the 28-year-old wide receiver said. "It was anybody in the NFC East, and then everybody else. The 49ers and the Packers were the big rivals because you were playing those guys to go to the Super Bowl. Getting up here to D.C., I started realizing that the Redskins/Cowboys rivalry is the most important two games of the year."

Top NFL rivalries
Cowboys vs. Redskins
Series record » Cowboys lead 60-40-2; Redskins own the only two postseason victories
Was born when » The Cowboys came into the league 1960. Redskins owner George Preston Marshall was unhappy about adding a Dallas expansion team, so Cowboys owner Clint Murchison Jr. bought the rights to the Redskins' fight song from the composer, who was feuding with Marshall, to gain leverage.
Steelers vs. Ravens
Series record » Steelers lead 21-13, including 3-0 in the playoffs
Was born when » In 2002, when the NFL realigned into eight divisions of four teams. The Steelers and Ravens both landed in the AFC North and have claimed a share of all but one of nine division titles since, six for Pittsburgh and two for Baltimore.
Packers vs. Bears
Series record » Bears lead 92-84-6; split playoff games 1-1
Was born when » In 1921, making it the NFL's longest rivalry. Remarkably, the teams have only met in the playoffs twice, most recently in last season's NFC championship, won by Green Bay 21-14, en route to a Super Bowl title. Their sole previous postseason meeting came in 1941. The Bears won that game 33-14, also capturing the NFL title.
Jets vs. Patriots
Series record » Jets lead 52-51-1; Patriots lead in playoffs 2-1
Was born when » Coach Bill Parcells defected from the Patriots to the Jets in 1997 after taking New England to Super Bowl XXXI, although the AFC East rivals first met in 1960. Parcells' replacement in New England: former Jets coach Pete Carroll. Parcells' assistant with the Jets: Bill Belichick.
Raiders vs. Chiefs
Series record » Chiefs lead 55-46-2, including 2-1 in the postseason
Was born when » The Chiefs and Raiders were both 12-2 in 1968 and met in the playoffs with a berth in AFL championship game on the line. Both teams were dominant in the late 1960s and began the 70s with a bench-clearing brawl in a 17-17 tie secured by George Blanda's 48-yard field goal with eight seconds left.
As the two longtime foes prepare for the first of their two annual regular-season encounters on Monday night, their rivalry couldn't be healthier, as it resonates in much the same way it has since the Cowboys were formed in 1960.

"It goes back before I was born or even knew about football. There's something to be said for that," said Redskins tackle Chris Chester, who has been involved in what might be the NFL's most intense current rivalry, between Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

Despite the Ravens' season-opening 35-7 blowout of the Steelers this year, the two AFC North contenders have gone to overtime three times and met in the playoffs twice since 2005, including in the 2008 AFC championship.

"I enjoy all of our games -- I like watching Steelers/Ravens," Redskins fullback Darrel Young said. "That's a dog fight. Those guys are just out to kill each other. I think we have more respect in our division than those two teams."

Mutual regard has long been important to the steepest of rivalries. Curly Lambeau lent money to George Halas during the Great Depression to keep the Bears going, and in the 1950s, Halas raised money for the publicly owned Packers, whose bigger current adversary could be Minnesota. At least, that was the case when Brett Favre defected.

"It used to always be Green Bay and Detroit on Thanksgiving Day," said Evan Weiner, author of "The Business & Politics of Sports." "Rivalries come, rivalries go."

At the current pace, the Packers/Lions meeting this Thanksgiving could be the most meaningful matchup between those teams in decades. But while it is a game that will be watched nationwide, the strength of the NFL's best rivalries still lies in their divisional nature.

"Being a Giants fan growing up -- I can't stand them now, personally -- you're a part of all that stuff," Young, a New York City native, said. "New York is so big into its sports, and it was a big rivalry. I just feel like it had to do with anyone they played in the NFC East, it's the strongest division."

Weiner, who does college lectures on the business of sports, once heard it suggested on the radio that Baltimore would be a better fit in the NFC East. He polled students that he spoke to in Philadelphia.

"I said, 'Who's your most hated rival?'?" Weiner said. "If it's Redskins week, it's them. If it's the Giants, it's them. If it's the Cowboys, it's them. That's six of the 16 weeks they're playing against the teams that they hate. You drop out the Cowboys, there'd be a lot of lives that would be empty in Philadelphia."

The same goes for Washington.

"I think Cowboys/Redskins is something that's in your blood," Armstrong said. "When you're in the organization, you're a part of it and don't really have a choice. You get here and they say, 'Just beat Dallas.' I don't know if you get to the Jets and they say, 'Just beat New England,' or if you get to the Ravens and they say, 'Just beat Pittsburgh.'?

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Big Money , Big Backs, Little Results !

There are a lot of reasons why teams are hesitant to award big second (or third) contracts to running backs.
The position has a short shelf life, it’s relatively easy to find replacements, and often the running game has more to do with the offensive line and system than the running back.

MDS wrote earlier how Chris Johnson was dead last in yards-per-carry among running backs with more than 25 carries. Johnson has some well paid company at the bottom of the list.

DeAngelo Williams:  Carolina’s starter is second to last with 2.3 yards-per-carry.  His longest run is eight yards.  His teammate Jonathan Stewart has run and caught the ball much better than Williams, indicating that it’s not all about the line.

For now, coach Ron Rivera says the Panthers will continue splitting the workload evenly between the two players.

Frank Gore: Johnson is last.  Williams is second-to-last.  Third worst in yards-per-carry: Frank Gore coming off his extension.  Now Gore is dealing with an injury.’s Michael Lombardi thinks the 49ers should get backup Kendall Hunter more involved and we agree.

Gore used to be able to get to the outside, but it’s not happening for him so far this year.

Reggie Bush: The Texans are paying Bush $6 million to do what he did in New Orleans, but worse.  Bush is averaging 2.9 yards-per-carry.  It’s not like he’s lighting it up as a receiver either; Bush has two catches in the last two games.  Daniel Thomas is the best running back on the team.

Three games is too small a sample size to draw any conclusions about the three players above.  But the last decade has proven to us over and over that giving running backs a big contract usually isn’t good business.

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Belichick, Inside the hood !

If you had to pick one coach to get miked up for an entire season to produce a two-part NFL Films documentary, it would, quite obviously, be Bill Belichick, right?

Ha, exactly. Of course it wouldn't. But it is -- Belichick, in a commercial that aired during Monday night's Jets-Giants game on NFL Network, is shown like he's never been seen before, as NFL Films followed him around for the entire 2009 season, his 35th year in coaching and the Patriots 50th anniversary season.

"Bill Belichick doesn’t only make history – he studies it; he understands his place in it; and he appreciates our desire to capture it," said NFL Films President Steve Sabol. "Like Vince Lombardi’s Packers in 1967, Belichick and the Patriots gave us access to his football life and what we created is a portrait of the coach, the father, the taskmaster – and most importantly – the man."

No, He's not Americas coach nor does he coach Americas team but the enigma behind Bill Belichick is as  prodigious and covert as any Robert Ludlum Novel ! The controversary with the alleged spying and stealing plays from his adversaries to the genius mind that does not just overcome the obvious but the detailed planning right down to who will be listed as doubtful on the starters list for Sunday afternoon football even though there is nothing wrong with that player to begin with !

Belichick has redefined the psychological war both on the playing field and off ! Anything that give his team an edge he will find it and utilize it to his advantage for Bill Belichick is anything but one dimentional !  I'm not a Beichick fan by no means but even I can't deny the mans intellect and diverse reasoning in a game that has become more complex and demanding than most if not all sports today !

It is my wish that we all take a look at Belichick in a different light when the documentary aires which I don't have a time frame on at this particular time. Until then, See ya !
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Handcuffs for those of you that need em !!!

Back in the days of true workhorse backs, handcuffs were easy to snag. Since backup runners only saw action if the starter went down, fantasy owners had little interest in them. 

Nowadays, the emergence of backfield committees all over the league means that multiple running backs from the same team are getting drafted. It's harder to "handcuff" your stud to his backup. That just means we need to prioritize better. 

Heading into our drafts, we need to know exactly which running backs are worth handcuffing. This comes down to the talent level of the backup, his projected workload if the starter goes down and the likelihood of that starter getting injured.

Below you'll find the top-15 handcuffs, ranked in order from the must owns to the least valuable. We have left out "backups" such as Jonathan StewartMike TolbertTim HightowerBrandon JacobsDaniel Thomas and Ryan Williams because they project to have varying levels of standalone value. 

<big>TIER ONE: Handcuff at all costs</big>

1. Rashad Jennings - ADP 126.9
Starter: Maurice Jones-Drew
Outlook: Jones-Drew is still recovering from offseason meniscus surgery, as he is just getting back in team drills this week. With MJD sidelined for the final two games of last season, Jennings averaged 18.5 carries for 70 yards to go with one touchdown and eight total receptions. It was just a glimpse of what Jennings, who owns a career 5.5 yards-per-carry average, can do. Given the starter's shaky knee and the backup's talent level, owners rolling the dice on MJD would be crazy not to secure Jennings.

2. Michael Bush - ADP 119.3
Starter: Darren McFadden
Outlook: At this time last year, Bush was considered the tentative starter and McFadden the backup. How times have changed. Now McFadden is one of the game's elite backs and Bush is just a change-of-pace runner. However, McFadden has a checkered injury history and Bush has proven that he has starting-level ability. In the three games that DMC missed last year, Bush averaged 23.6 carries for 96.0 yards. Must handcuff. 

Editor's Note: The 2011 Draft Guide is now available as an app for your iPhone!

3. Ricky Williams - ADP 165.7
Starter: Ray Rice
Outlook: Even at age 34, Williams is a better player than ex-Ravens backup Willis McGahee. Despite playing without a threatening passing game, Williams averaged 4.48 yards per carry over the last two seasons in Miami. Over that same span, teammate Ronnie Brown managed just 3.98 yards per tote. If Rice were to go down, Williams would shine in the Ravens' run-first scheme. 

4. Jason Snelling - ADP 153.5
Starter: Michael Turner
Outlook: Even though the Falcons drafted Jacquizz Rodgers, they brought back Snelling. That's because the writing is on the wall for a Michael Turner decline. As a plus pass-catcher, goal-line runner and early-down chain-mover, Snelling would be an instant RB2 option in the event of a Turner injury. 

5. Javon Ringer - ADP 159.0
Starter: Chris Johnson
Outlook: Despite the current contract squabble between Johnson and the Titans, we still expect the starter to be out there come Week 1. And it's worth noting that Johnson has missed just one game in his three-year career. Still, Ringer has shown real talent in limited NFL action. If Johnson's holdout surprisingly goes into the regular season or he gets injured, Ringer would get all the early-down work. 

<big>TIER TWO: Solid, but not spectacular handcuffs</big>

6. Ronnie Brown - ADP 129.7
Starter: LeSean McCoy
Outlook: The Eagles didn't sign Brown to take snaps away from McCoy. They signed him as insurance. That's exactly what fantasy owners should be viewing the rapidly declining Brown as. The biggest reason he would have value in the event of a McCoy injury is the Eagles' explosive offense. Brown would find space for the first time in years. 

7. Toby Gerhart - ADP 181.2
Starter: Adrian Peterson
Outlook: Already the third-down back, Gerhart would be a lock for 20 touches if Peterson got hurt. In the one game that Peterson missed last year, Gerhart recorded 16 carries for 77 yards plus three catches against a tough Bears defense. While the ceiling here isn't that high, the floor is RB3 value. 

Editor's Note: For constantly updating rankings, projections, exclusive columns, ADP reports, mock drafts, sleepers, busts and much more, get the 2011 Rotoworld Draft Guide!

8. Jerome Harrison - ADP 156.9
Starter: Jahvid Best
Outlook: Mikel Leshoure's season-ending Achilles injury changed the landscape here. The Lions were forced to bring in the best available back in Harrison, even though he possesses a similar skill-set to Best. Harrison's pass-blocking skills always seem to hold him back despite explosive talent, but the Lions wouldn't have a choice if they lose Best. Harrison's shifty style and pass-catching skills are a nice fit for Scott Linehan's potentially dominant offense.

9. Pierre Thomas - ADP 100.5
Starter: Mark Ingram
Outlook: With punishing inside runner Chris Ivory (sports hernia) quite possibly heading for the PUP list, Thomas is the clear No. 2. He brings starting experience in the scheme and upside as an explosive runner in space and after catches. But after landing in Sean Payton's doghouse last year, he'll need an injury to Ingram to be startable in fantasy. 

10. James Starks - ADP 82.9 
Starter: Ryan Grant
Outlook: Don't put too much stock in the "battle" between Grant and Starks. The veteran is a heavy favorite to see the majority of early-down work, with John Kuhn coming in on passing downs. That leaves last year's playoff hero, Starks, as a mere handcuff play. Grant has been at 100 percent for months now and those that draft him may not be able to afford Starks at his current ADP. 

<big>TIER THREE: Worth a late-round pick</big>

11. Thomas Jones - ADP 143.7
Starter*: Jamaal Charles
Outlook: The asterisk here is because Jones is technically the "starter" in Kansas City right now. But everyone knows that Charles is the man and the Jones is just the nominal starter in his age-33 season. In fact, Jones isn't even all that exciting as a feature back at this point. He would rack up a ton of carries, but last year's 3.7 yards-per-carry average is a major red flag. 

12. Bernard Scott - ADP 164.3
Starter: Cedric Benson
Outlook: The Bengals don't want to give Scott a chance. Yes, he is nicked up a lot and doesn't fit their power running scheme well, but he is by far the best playmaker in their backfield. If Benson gets injured, they will be forced to realize that. Or maybe they will realize it when Benson is plowing into the line for three yards and a cloud of incompetence. 

13. Derrick Ward - ADP 181.2
Starter: Arian Foster
Outlook: Ben Tate should be the primary backup here, but he has spent his first two seasons in the trainer's room. That leaves Ward as the handcuff as he enters his age-31 season. The Texans' elite offensive line and zone-blocking scheme make this look like an appetizing situation, but Ward is unlikely to have the job all to himself. Steve Slaton (if he sticks on the roster) along with Tate would also be in the mix. 

14. Isaac Redman - ADP N/A
Starter: Rashard Mendenhall
Outlook: Sometimes referred to as Isaac "Red Zone" Redman, the former undrafted free agent is known for his goal-line skills. He has also flashed starter's potential in preseason action for three years running now. Redman won't see much action behind Mendenhall as the Steelers run their starter into the ground, but he would have RB3 status if Mendy was out of the picture. 

15. Willis McGahee - ADP 147.0
Starter: Knowshon Moreno
Outlook: We know new coach John Fox loves to emphasize the run and isn't afraid to use both his backs. However, he will quickly find that McGahee is reaching the end of line and will thus make him a mere role player. Only in the event of a Moreno injury would McGahee give fantasy owners something to think about. 

It's rare that a backup quarterback is considered a must-handcuff. But this year, Vince Young fits the bill. The high price tag that Michael Vick comes with combined with his injury history is scary. But Vick owners that take Young with their final pick will be protected. While Young wouldn't be the dominator Vick is, he would still hold QB1 value as a starter in the Eagles' explosive offense. 

Find Adam Levitan on Twitter.

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A note to Mike Freeman !

Mike, That is a sad story indeed ! One would think that after being in prison, losing all that money, losing all that respect and then not even knowing if you will ever work in this town again that Burress would get it! That he would be remorseful and full of gratitude, not full of explicit  expressions and as you clearly stated, It's all about me ! You would have to think that if the NFL totally rejected Burress after imprisonment it wouldn't be long before you heard his name again in the judicial system ! My heart hopes he does get it Mike, My gut says otherwise ! Oh, And in case you are wondering why I don't address him by his full name, It's because he hasn't earned it Mike !
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For Woods, Its a have too, not a want too !

It is a sordid state of affairs for the once most dominant player in the world but Tiger must pull himself together and show the world what a winner is and that doesn't necessarily mean winning another majors but just competing at a world class level would be enough in my opinion for Tiger to be graced by his peers once again.

It was and still is to a certain degree a prejudice world we live in and with the state of affairs we're in I have to believe that it's even more so than the latter. People don't forget but they do forgive and there is nothing like a champion to earn that forgiveness.

Yes I agree that Tiger seems to have lost his bearings on and off the course but I for one embrace him for the courage it takes just to swing at a ball on a PGA course, nationally televised at that ! He'll come around and then all of the nay sayers will pat him on the proverbial butt and say " See,I told ya so ! " And the world becomes his oyster once more as the media conspires behind his back waiting for him to slip so they can finish their half written eulogy for Tiger Woods so the nay sayers once again can say, " See, I told ya so " !
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NFL Transaction Updates !


Latest Transactions
Transactions for Friday, July 29, 2011 
Michael Jenkins - WR - Falcons 
Falcons released WR Michael Jenkins.
The writing was on the wall for the blocking receiver when the Falcons gave up the farm to draft Julio Jones at No. 6 overall. There's no way they were going to keep a No. 3 or 4 wideout at a $3.5 million base salary. Jones will start opposite Roddy White, with Harry Douglas coming into the slot on three-wide sets.

Jamaal Anderson - DL - Falcons 
Falcons released DE Jamaal Anderson.
The No. 8 overall pick in the 2007 draft is a better run stopper than pass rusher. For a defensive end scheduled to make $3.55 million, that's not good enough. Anderson's wildly disappointing Falcons career ends with 4.5 sacks in 60 games.

Jimmy Smith - DB - Ravens 
Ravens signed No. 27 overall pick Jimmy Smith to a four-year contract.
The Ravens plan to use Smith as a shadow corner, tracking opposite No. 1 wide receivers all over the field. He'll likely be a Week 1 starter across from Domonique Foxworth, assuming Foxworth returns at his $4.4 million salary. Smith was a top-ten talent in the draft. He fell due to off-the-field concerns, but the Ravens are banking on their "culture" keeping him on the right path.

Marcell Dareus - DL - Bills 
Bills signed No. 3 overall pick DT Marcell Dareus to a fully guaranteed four-year, $20.4 million contract.
Athletic and fluid with the ability to split double teams, Dareus can play the nose or two-gap in Buffalo's 3-4 scheme. He'll start his career at left defensive end, moving inside in nickel packages. As long as the Bills pick up a linebacker or two in free agency, Dareus should be a boon for the run defense.

Otis Leverette - DL - Panthers 
Panthers released DE Otis Leverette.

Sam Hurd - WR - Bears 
Bears agreed to terms with WR Sam Hurd, formerly of the Cowboys.
Hurd follows Roy Williams to Chicago and offensive coordinator Mike Martz. His main role will be as a core special teamer, but he'll also get a chance to battle for snaps as the No. 4 receiver.

Brian Leonard - RB - Bengals 
Bengals agreed to terms with RB/FB Brian Leonard on a two-year deal.
This won't affect the likelihood that the Bengals will be bringing back Cedric Benson. Leonard is more of a third-down specialist and glue guy than a pure running back. He doesn't figure to get much more than the 2.6 touches he averaged per game a year ago.

Morgan Trent - DB - Bengals 
Bengals waived CB Morgan Trent.
Trent claimed to be 100 percent in April after losing the final two months of last season with a knee injury. It wouldn't be a surprise if it turns out he failed his physical.

Antwan Odom - DL - Bengals 
Bengals released DE Antwan Odom.
Chalk another one up to injuries. After piling up eight sacks in the first six games of 2009, Odom blew out his Achilles. He tried to return last season, but managed just four ineffective games before getting suspended for violating the substance-abuse policy and injuring his wrist. Odom will be 30 in September and can't be counted on as a starting-caliber player.

Willis McGahee - RB - Broncos 
Broncos agreed to terms with Willis McGahee on a three-year, $7.5 million contract.
McGahee will receive $3 million in guarantees, hardly starter's money. Turning 30 in October, McGahee is coming off a down season averaging 3.8 YPC and a miniscule 3.9 yards on 14 receptions. He'll see part-time work on early downs and possibly at the goal-line, but McGahee is a complement to Knowshon Moreno -- not the other way around. Moreno's low-end RB2 value has survived intact after concerns that he would be moved to a third-down role. McGahee shouldn't be drafted any higher than a RB4.

Dylan Gandy - C - Lions 
Lions agreed to terms with OG Dylan Gandy on a two-year contract.
Gandy returns to the Lions as a backup for the interior of the line. He's clearly not insurance for LT Jeff Backus' pectoral woes.

Brandon Chillar - LB - Packers 
Packers released ILB Brandon Chillar.
Chillar severely pulled his hamstring during personal workouts during the lockout and was also coming off shoulder surgery. He wasn't going to pass his physical and may have been hampered by injuries all season.

Makoa Freitas - G - Colts 
Colts released G/T Makoa Freitas.
It became clear in the off-year that Freitas would not be healthy in time for the season. He wasn't able to overcome a nagging foot ailment. The Colts are scary-thin at backup tackle.

Jaimie Thomas - G - Colts 
Colts agreed to terms with seventh-round OG Jaimie Thomas on a multi-year contract.
A big guard at 6'4/323, Thomas started three years at Maryland. He's likely ticketed for the practice squad as a rookie.

Derrick Harvey - DL - Jaguars 
Jaguars waived DE Derrick Harvey.
Harvey was the No. 8 overall pick in the 2008 draft. It appears that the Jags just ran out of patience on Harvey after he lost playing time to Jeremy Mincey last season and showed almost no pass-rushing ability in three years. Harvey will get another chance thanks to his measurables, but we don't have high hopes.

Vince Manuwai - G - Jaguars 
Jaguars released OG Vince Manuwai.
Manuwai pulled a Max Starks, arriving to camp overweight and out of shape. He follows fellow-veteran Justin Smiley out the door, opening left guard for new signee Jason Spitz. The Jags are also high on third-rounder Will Rackley, who will provide depth. Manuwai won't attract much interest on the open market.

Brad Cottam - TE - Chiefs 
Chiefs placed TE Brad Cottam (neck surgery) on the reserve/PUP list.
Cottam, who broke his neck toward the end of last season, cleared waivers after failing his physical on Wednesday. His placement on the reserve/PUP list means that he won't play before Week 7, and we'd be shocked if the Chiefs actually activated him. Considering his injury history, Cottam's career may be over before it ever had a chance to get off the ground.

Matt Moore - QB - Dolphins 
Dolphins agreed to terms with QB Matt Moore to a two-year contract.
After bombing in preseason action with Carolina last year, Moore lost his starting job to rookie Jimmy Clausen two games in. Moore rejoined the lineup because Clausen was so bad, then tore the labrum in his right (throwing) shoulder. He's supposedly healthy, but the Dolphins' quarterback situation is now among the worst five in football. While we don't doubt that Moore has some talent, he's faced questions about his dedication to football and blew a golden opportunity with the Panthers. The Fins are now out of the mix for Kyle Orton, leaving Moore to battle Chad Henne for the starting job. This is going to be a game-losing offense again, and Reggie Bush won't be the savior.

Daniel Thomas - RB - Dolphins 
Dolphins agreed to terms with No. 62 overall pick RB Daniel Thomas on a four-year contract.
Thomas was lauded for his between-the-tackles physical style and underrated receiving skills at Kansas State, and the Fins traded up to make him their feature back. Reggie Bush will eat into his snaps on passing downs, but Thomas is still a good bet for 250 touches as a rookie. That number could go down if the Dolphins add a veteran backup such as Marion Barber, Ricky Williams, or Ronnie Brown.

Stanley Arnoux - LB - Saints 
Saints released LB Stanley Arnoux and LS Jason Kyle.
Arnoux likely failed his physical after tearing his Achilles' tending for a second straight season. Kyle was deemed unworthy of his $865,000 salary.

Danny Clark - LB - Saints 
Saints agreed to terms with LB Danny Clark.
Clark's calling card is his versatility, as he can play all three linebacker spots. The Saints rotated him on the strong side last season, and Clark also played some on special teams. At age 34, he's an end-of-the-roster type.

David Tyree - WR - Giants 
Super Bowl XLII hero David Tyree will retire after signing a one-day contract with the Giants.
Tyree played five seasons with the Giants, mostly as a special teamer, but his career will be defined by his "helmet catch" that led directly to one of the greatest Super Bowl upsets of all time. Along with the "Immaculate Reception," Tyree's catch will go down as perhaps the most memorable playoff moment in NFL history.

Jerrel Jernigan - WR - Giants 
Giants signed No. 83 overall pick WR/KR Jerrel Jernigan to a four-year contract.
The Sun Belt Conference's all-time leader in catches and receiving yards, Jernigan is an explosive slot prospect. The Giants are likely to re-sign Steve Smith and/or Plaxico Burress, limiting Jernigan's rookie-year impact to kick returns. He could push Dominik Hixon off the roster.

Will Billingsley - DB - Jets 
Jets waived DB Will Billingsley and OG Marlon Davis.
Both players were signed to reserve/future contracts back in January. They are practice squad caliber players.

Erik Ainge - QB - Jets 
Jets backup QB Erik Ainge has decided to retire from football.
Ainge cited January foot surgery and a recent diagnosis of a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder as the primary reasons. The 2008 fifth-rounder said walking away from the game "isn't the next step I wanted, but it's the hand I'm dealt." After battling serious drug addiction the past couple of years, Ainge was no longer in the Jets' long-term plans. He never threw a regular-season NFL pass.

Kevin O'Connell - QB - Jets 
Jets released QB Kevin O'Connell.
The Jets are trimming fat in order to stay above ground in the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes. Mark Brunell will be re-signed at a cheaper rate to be Mark Sanchez's backup and Greg McElroy will be the No. 3 quarterback.

Mark Brunell - QB - Jets 
Jets released QB Mark Brunell.
Brunell was Mark Sanchez's mentor and under contract for just $1.25 million this season. Now all that's behind Sanchez are seventh-round rookie Greg McElroy and Kevin O'Connell, who is coming off a torn labrum in his throwing arm. The Jets may have a move up their sleeve here, such as bringing Brunell back at an even cheaper rate and using the saved money for Nnamdi Asomugha.
s - T - Steelers 
Steelers released OT Flozell Adams.
Adams refused to take a pay cut on his $5 million salary, so he's gone. It's the smart move after Pittsburgh re-signed Willie Colon. Adams is 36 years old, and would be better suited for a backup role at this stage of his career.

Chris White - C - Seahawks 
Seahawks released G/C Chris White, DL Barrett Moen, S James Brindley, and LB Joe Pawalek.
They were camp body types. White had the most experience of the group and was once considered a solid zone-blocking prospect. It's a bad sign for his career that the Seahawks cut him after hiring zone-blocking guru OL coach Tom Cable.

Leroy Hill - LB - Seahawks 
Seahawks agreed to terms with LB Leroy Hill.
Hill's off-field woes combined with injuries have sapped all his buzz. But the Seahawks need him after losing Will Herring to the Saints. Now Hill will just try to rehab his image as a backup.

James Carpenter - T - Seahawks 
Seahawks signed No. 25 overall pick OT James Carpenter to a four-year contract.
Carpenter is expected to step right in as the starting right tackle. The first-team All-SEC product should have an instant impact in the run game. The Seahawks managed just 3.7 yards per carry as a team last year.

Eric Heitmann - C - 49ers 
49ers released C Eric Heitmann.
Heitmann failed his physical. It's no surprise considering he was deemed unlikely to play football in 2011 due to neck surgery. Heitmann's career is in doubt and with David Baas now in New York, the Niners are desperate at center.

Lance Kendricks - TE - Rams 
Rams agreed to terms with No. 47 overall pick TE Lance Kendricks on a four-year contract.
A field-stretching tight end, Kendricks averaged nearly 15 yards per catch at Wisconsin. The Rams plan to use him as a "move" tight end while Michael Hoomanawanui stays in-line. Kendricks garnered high praise for his work in player-organized workouts and is a strong bet to lead all Rams tight ends in catches. He's no more than a low-end TE2 as a rookie, however.

Jake Locker - QB - Titans 
Titans agreed to terms with No. 8 overall pick Jake Locker on a four-year, $12.2 million contract.
Titans coaches deemed Locker not ready to step right in as a rookie, so they went out and signed Matt Hasselbeck. It's an ideal situation for Locker, who can learn from the veteran quarterback while working on his constantly-questioned accuracy. Barring an injury to Hasselbeck, Locker is unlikely to start any games this season.

Shaun Smith - DL - Titans 
Titans agreed to terms with DT Shaun Smith, formerly of the Chiefs.
The Chiefs have now lost both their nose tackles this week as Ron Edwards bolted for Carolina a couple days ago. Smith can play some end in a 3-4, but he'll stick to the defensive tackle spot in the Titans' 4-3. If the Titans can keep Smith's attitude in check and his motor running, he'll be a nice rotational piece against the run.

Mike Williams - T - Redskins 
Redskins placed OG Mike Williams (blood clots) on the reserve/non-football illness list.
Williams is out for the 2010 season, taking blood thinners to alleviate blood clots near his heart. The Redskins hope to re-evaluate Williams in six months or so, at which point he could be medically cleared for next season.
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